Lycoming Drivers To Pay In Time And Dollars?


In previous recalls totaling some 2400 crankshafts, Lycoming has paid for the engine work to various degrees, even reimbursing owners for hangar expenses and loss of use in the 2003 recalls. Not this time. Owners affected by the crank retirement will get a discount deal on the replacement crankshaft — $2000 for the shaft, plus a box full of free parts such as gears, bearings, piston ring sets, connecting rod bolts and nuts and seals. But they’re on their own for engine assembly, repair and reinstallation, which field overhaul shops tell us will add another $4000 to $5000 to the job if the crank is replaced proactively or before the engine reaches routine TBO. Further, owners will have to ship the retired crankshaft back to Lycoming to obtain the discount price, also at their own expense. The $2000 offer applies to crankshafts for any engine and is substantially below list price for a new part, especially for six-cylinder engines.