Lycoming: No Replacement For Displacement


Alas, the hot-rodder’s adage that more engine displacement is always better is borne out by Lycoming’s two new engine models. Based on the IO-360 angle-valve engine, the IO-390-X produces 210 horsepower. A six-cylinder version tapes out to a whopping 580 cubic-inches version capable of 315 horsepower. Both engines are currently offered only for experimental applications, but don’t be surprised to see the next-generation original-equipment engines grow into these displacement classes. And the experimental Lycomings may now come with the company’s own version of FADEC. The product, EPiC, is on the shelf (for now), but that means it’s now okay to offer it as a special cylinder kit for experimentals. Designed to accept 14mm, automotive-style spark plugs used with the Lightspeed electronic ignition, the new cylinders are otherwise identical to the parts they replace. This dovetails with the development of the O-390 series engines for experimentals.