…Many Theories, Few Clues…


Joseph Padilla, the missing pilots brother, told AVweb the trail of clues has gone somewhat cold. However, Padilla told AVweb the FBI investigated and interviewed a pilot who claimed to have overheard a conversation by an aircraft mechanic that detailed the location of the jet. The mechanic in Beirut, according to Padilla, said the aircraft was located inside a hangar and would be used for an aerial attack against the Israeli government. The federal government is still investigating. Padilla says the government hasnt told him much but his U.S. State Department contact assured him his brother was not viewed as a person who would intentionally steal the aircraft. Unfortunately, Padilla claims not all media outlets have followed that assumption, with some even suggesting that Ben Charles Padilla is behind the disappearance of the aircraft. Another disturbing fact for Joseph Padilla concerns the possible plots linked to this aircrafts disappearance.