…Meanwhile, GA’s Threat Level Diminishes


Based on what we’re seeing on the local evening news during this May ratings sweep, general aviation aircraft and airports are an increasing danger to life, liberty and the pursuit of terrorists. Thankfully, compelling promos and artfully edited sound bites haven’t convinced the TSA that a total GA lockdown is needed. Look at page 10 in the just-released TSA security guidelines and you will see this: “[The] TSA has not taken a position that GA airports and aircraft are a threat, in and of themselves.” One aviation official who asked to remain unnamed told AVweb, “GA is probably five or six on the list now. After the railway bombing in Madrid, the TSA is starting to look a lot more closely at rail lines.” Confirmation comes from TSA Deputy Administrator Stephen McHale, who told Inside FAA, “General aviation is not much of a threat. We don’t want to spend a lot of money or time on an area that the threat is not that great or current.”