Metal Detectors Optional


(Another) U.S. Paper Frets About Small Planes…

In the U.S., mainstream media continue to look for holes in aviation security and The Arizona Republic recently discovered the 12-5 rule, which exempts aircraft weighing less than 12,500 pounds gross from security checks. It seems a couple of local operators have started scheduled service using Cessna Caravans (8,210 pounds) and that had the Republic reporter busily hunting down local experts, like retired FAA director and now aviation consultant George Williams. “You don’t have to have a 737 to make a big bang,” he said. But the operators themselves have taken steps to try and ensure security. Bruce Tully, of Dynasty Air, said that passengers are put through metal detectors at destinations that have them and staff have been trained to help them recognize suspicious behavior or baggage. But Williams said voluntary compliance isn’t enough and suggested airports require use of security devices by all passenger-carrying companies as part of their leases.