New Light Sport Aircraft Abound At Expo


New airplanes were everywhere at the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo. The undisputed star of the show was the proof-of-concept Cessna LSA. Expect some changes if it goes into production — the wing is slated to move down and rearward and engine cooling will be refined (there were a new cowl outlet and NACA inlet duct in evidence at Sebring). Cessna will announce whether it will join the LSA market before Sun ‘n Fun. Avia brought its A-16 Sport Falcon tandem-seat trainer and said an amphibious version is in the works. LSA America was there showing its Czech-built Mystique, which is now available in 80- or 100-hp 912 versions. Jim Stewart (S-51 Mustang) showed his new metal twin-boom S-LSA pusher design dubbed The Horizon.

The Dynamic WT-9, in its familiar retractable version, was being shown by Sport Aircraft Works. It will be available later this year in a stiff-leg S-LSA version at $84,000. FK Lightplanes had its new-version FK-9, which now sports a foldable wing, allowing hangar sharing and easy storage. RANS showed refinements to its S-LSA S-7 ($80,000 with a Garmin or King moving map GPS and transponder) and E-LSA Super S-6, which comes complete with battery, clecos and pliers, pre-drilled struts and added comfort and trim. The least-expensive E-LSA at Sebring was the fiberglass-hull Corsario from Brazil. Sport Air Aviation has just introduced the light sport aircraft to the U.S. market, and buyers will certainly be happy with its price — $41,000, including the Rotax 912S and three-blade prop ($1,500 less with the 80-hp engine).