NTSB Reports On Fatal Military/Civilian Midair…


In Search Of Causal Factors

The pilots of an Air Force training jet saw the crop-duster seconds before the two airplanes collided 5,000 feet above rural Oklahoma about 11 a.m. on Jan. 18, the NTSB said in its preliminary report, posted Thursday. The two pilots in the Cessna T-37B jet ejected safely. The pilot of the Air Tractor AT-502B, Dierk Nash, 39, of Arkansas, was killed. FAA spokesman John Clabes told the local KFDX News that Nash had a clean flight record and was not in violation of any rule as far as investigators can tell. Nash was flying VFR, ferrying the Air Tractor from the plant in Olney, Texas, to its new owner in South Dakota. He had been flying about a half hour. The crop-duster was not equipped with a radio or transponder, but Nash had a handheld radio and a GPS unit.