NTSB Urges Airbus Rudder AD


Travel Limiter Modifications Needed…

Airbus says it agrees with an NTSB recommendation that the rudder-control system on A300-600 aircraft be modified to prevent the kind of circumstances that sent an American Airlines flight tumbling briefly out of control over Florida in 1997. The NTSB is urging the FAA to issue an Airworthiness Directive for Airbus to modify the rudder-travel limiter system “so it can respond effectively to rapid airspeed changes such as those that might be experienced during upsets and not be adversely affected by pedal forces.” The recommendation came from the NTSB’s examination of the case of American Flight 903. The plane was at 16,000 feet when it banked steeply to the left and right, stalled and fell more than 3,000 feet. A crew member was seriously hurt and the plane slightly damaged.