…Plenty Of Evidence


Mooneyham said he left in the morning from CHD (near Phoenix) for Tucson, where his ailing parents live. He stopped for fuel along the way and, after visiting his mom and dad, flew back to CHD where he says he landed in the mid-afternoon. Fortunately, he kept his time-stamped fuel receipt, which also has his N-number on it, as well as his ATIS scratch sheets. He’s also called both towers and confirmed that the tower tapes have been saved. (Standard policy is to keep them for 45 days but Mooneyham has filed a Freedom of Information request to have the tapes taken out of the normal recording rotation so they will be preserved indefinitely — just in case.) He said he doesn’t think he can be too careful in this case and it’s imperative that his file be cleaned up. Just to be sure, he also consulted his flight planning software, which told him a trip from Arizona to Maryland would take him more than 13 hours and require three fuel stops. Mooneyham calculates there is no way he could have made it from where he says he was to where they said he was in time to bust the ADIZ at the time alleged. Mooneyham put all the facts in a double registered letter to DHS and has received the delivery receipt. Now it’s a matter of awaiting the response. He’s promised to let AVweb know when he gets that letter and we’ll pass it along.