Progress Made On Sport Pilot/LSA


Slowly But Surely

EAA reports that meetings were recently held in OklahomaCity to discuss the specifics of sport pilot training. The meetings — heldOctober 21-23 — were attended by several EAA officials and FAA officialsresponsible for developing all FAA training and testing materials for the SportPilot certificate. The EAA staffers presented survey data concerning sportpilots, sport pilot instructors, and sport pilot examiners. Among the burningquestions raised: "How will current ultralight instructors, registeredultralight pilots and registered ultralight trainers convert to sport pilotinstructors, sport pilots and experimental light-sport aircraft?" A quickanswer: The FAA is working with ultralight exemption holders to assistassociations in developing one-stop opportunities to complete the transitionprocess. Many other issues are still pending, as the new rule will affect someeight different areas of FAA rulemaking, from pilot certification to thecreation of aircraft categories. EAA has made a toll-free number available totheir members that will field questions on the proposed sport pilot/light-sportaircraft (SP/LSA) rule. The SP/LSA hotline is 877/FLY-1232 (877/359-1232) — thenumber is for EAA members only and available during normal business hours, 8:15a.m-5:00 p.m. Central time. If you’re not an EAA member, the number is stillmarginally useful. The final four digits (1232) represent the proposed weightlimitation for light-sport aircraft. See, you’ve learned something already!