…Prompting Quick GA Response…


EAA and AOPA staff snagged members of the House Transportation and Aviation Committees last week to express their dismay, and AOPA spokesman Chris Dancy told AVweb on Friday they got some assurances the legislation would meet staunch opposition. Dancy also said Weiner has agreed to meet with AOPA President Phil Boyer, but no time has yet been set. Both EAA and AOPA are asking their members, and all concerned aviators, to contact their congressional representatives and express opposition to this bill. AOPA staff are also talking to Senate staffers in an effort to head off the introduction of any companion legislation, Dancy said. EAA’s Macnair said on Thursday, “The extreme shortsightedness of this bill speaks for itself and completely counters the government’s own security experts, who have continually stated that general aviation does not pose a significant security threat to the U.S.”