…Provides Tools Of The Customer-Friendly Trade…


Well, since this attitude might be new to some employees, the FAA has embarked on a comprehensive training program that has so far included memos and checklists circulated to all staff. “The Customer Service initiative enables us to better document AVR decisions; helps us to be consistent and fair in application of our regulations; and promotes earlier resolution of disagreements,” reads one of the memos. But what if an FAA employee is caught in a customer-relations situation without being able to put his hands on the latest memo? The agency has issued a Wallet Information Card, which among other things asks the employees, “Have you considered the customer and FAA perspectives on this issue?” It might be a little unfair to expect a trip to the FAA office to become a walk in the park overnight but the agency will be monitoring the smile index throughout its organization. The FAA says it will judge the success of the AVR initiative by using the government’s Customer Satisfaction Index Survey. Aviation groups are also keeping watch and AOPA says it will judge the programs success by the recorded experiences its employees and members have with the agency.