…Some Frustrated, Some Patient…


Some of the groups representing those who want back into DCA are furious at the delay. “We are just incredibly frustrated,” said James Coyne, executive director of the National Air Transportation Association. “We have people who want to be able to travel to the airport for business and they’re being told to wait and wait and wait.” And wait they will until TSA gets this right, TSA spokeswoman Amy Von Walter told the Times. She told the paper there is no timetable to end the GA ban, despite indications from the agency last month that it was imminent. Ed Bolen, president of the National Business Aviation Association, said he believes flights will resume, if not sooner, then later, and he’s apparently willing to wait. Bolen said the TSA is breaking new ground in allowing anyone but federal air marshals and pilots who have passed the federal flight deck officers training program to carry guns on planes and “they are probably working on contingencies and talking about training issues,” for this new type of security officer. “These things always seem to take longer than you think they will. But I think the decision has been made to make this work,” he said.