…Steel Treater Suggests Piper Case Unique…


Wilco sent the steel to Certified Steel Treating in Los Angeles at New Piper’s request. When steel is normalized, an independent lab must test it — the results are returned with the shipment. Nelson said all the paperwork was in order for the steel order, which was then forwarded to Piper. He confirmed that all of the treated steel in that particular order went to Piper. But he also said Certified treats steel for numerous other distributors. He said there’s a good chance some of those distributors supply other aircraft manufacturers. Certified President Jeff Davis agreed his company treats steel “for lots of people” but he suggested the Piper order was an anomaly. “I haven’t heard any complaints from anyone else,” he said. But Nelson (of Wilco Inc., the steel distributor) said it could be that potentially defective heat-treated steel simply hasn’t been discovered by other manufacturers yet and he’s urging the FAA to look into that possibility. Davis (of Certified Steel, the treatment facility) said he hasn’t been contacted by the FAA.