…Student Pilots Monitored…


If the recommendations are adopted, student pilots warrant a little more scrutiny and will be monitored fairly intensely, especially early in their training. Low-time students won’t be given the ignition keys until the instructor is belted in beside them and it’s recommended there be a formal sign-off procedure for dispensing keys to soloing students. The report says those renting aircraft, particularly for the first time, should be checked for ID and given a briefing on local operations and security procedures. Renters should be on the lookout for suspicious activity and know how to report it. The report also recommends establishment of an Airport Community Watch program at each airport and it means more than putting up a few posters. Periodic meetings should be held and circulars on security programs sent to frequent users of the airport. The group can also provide training on spotting and reporting suspicious activity and perhaps even create a video to distribute to airport businesses and other personnel. Among the topics to be discussed are watching for unusually modified aircraft, keeping an eye on loiterers and making sure the credentials offered match the apparent knowledge and experience of the person offering them. The report also recommends that local police be taught to recognize the difference between suspicious activity and “normal” operations.