Subaru-Based Mills Would Offer 180 to 350 hp


A tiny Canadian company is trying to do something a giant Canadian company apparently couldn’t. Ontario-based Crossflow Aero Corp. has begun the process of certifying the first new design of gasoline-powered piston engines for the mainstream GA market since Rotax came out with its four-strokes more than a decade ago. “We applied for certification last October,” Crossflow CEO Jorge Alonzo told AVweb in an interview at Sun’n Fun on Wednesday. The high-revving four and six-cylinder engines are liquid cooled, run on car gas and use a gear reduction to bring prop speed to normal parameters. If that sounds familiar, there are some operational (but not design) similarities between Crossflow and the highly anticipated Bombardier engines that were introduced with lots of fanfare three years ago. Crossflow has been modifying Subaru engines for the experimental market for years and they’re installed in many high performance kit planes. While the kit engines started out as automotive motors, over the years Crossflow has literally reconstructed them and now makes, or has made, almost all the parts. The certified engines will use only the block and crankshaft from automotive origins, the same companies that Subaru uses to provide the parts.