The Hunt For Amelia Earhart…


Ocean Team Hopes To Solve Mystery

Just as nature abhors a vacuum, human nature can’t abide a mystery. David Jourdan, a Maine marine explorer, hopes to launch an effort this year to put our collective mind at rest as to the fate of Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan. It’s been almost 70 years since the media-driven around-the-world attempt by Earhart ended somewhere between Papua New Guinea and Howland Island, and theories still abound. Jourdan is betting $1.7 million dollars and a few months of his time that the truth lies about 18,000 feet below the surface of the Pacific. Jourdan’s company, Nauticos, specializes in finding undersea wrecks and it has developed search techniques using a towable sonar. Jourdan believes the theories that suggest Earhart ran out of fuel before reaching Howland Island and ditched the Lockheed Electra. He also believes the virtually inert world more than three miles deep will have preserved the Electra and maybe even some personal artifacts. Although Jourdan insists he’s not in it for the money, if he finds the crash site the wreckage will be recovered and go on tour. And if you want a front-row seat for Jourdan’s quest, there are a limited number of berth spaces available on the ship with fares ranging as high as $250,000.