The Permanence Of Temporary Restrictions


Removal Of TFRs Gains Congressional Support…

AOPA this week was heartened that two Congressional representatives from Washington State weighed in on GA’s side in the fight to lift security-related “temporary” flight restrictions (TFRs) that have been in place for two years. Reps. Rick Larsen (D) and Jennifer Dunn (R) wrote to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, urging the Department of Defense to re-evaluate the need for four TFRs in the Puget Sound area. “These TFRs cause tremendous operational, access and efficiency problems for pilots,” Dunn and Larsen wrote. “The restrictions negatively impact the arrivals and departures into four airports in the region, and have closed a seaplane base. This has also had an adverse economic impact on aviation businesses.” In the immediate aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks, the Defense Department asked for and got 17 TFRs over what the Pentagon considers sensitive military installations around the country. To date, only three of the 17 have been lifted.