The Year Of The Glass Panel


“All” Manufacturers Now Offer Them…

Whether by coincidence or design, a loose theme usually develops at EAA AirVenture (unrelated to the stated theme hung on the show by its organizers) and this was the year of the glass panel. Most major piston single and twin manufacturers had something to say about glass cockpits at this year’s show (except Cirrus, which has been all-glass for more than a year) and, in most cases, the gauges we puzzled over as student pilots are giving way entirely to electronic representations of the same gauges, plus all the other information that can be superimposed, flashed or highlighted on the screens. Click through for “who” carries “what.” For the record, Bonanzas and Barons will have G1000s as standard equipment beginning in 2005. Cessna will start equipping 172s with Garmin G1000s (they were recently certified for 182s and 206s), Cirrus has had the Avidyne Entegra for some time, and Mooney is also going with Garmin in its Ovation and Bravo lines. Diamond has begun shipping G1000-equipped DA40s and its TwinStar also has the package. And Piper is putting Avidyne systems in its lower-end models. The Saratoga and 6X lines already have it.