Then Next Small Jet Will Be Smaller


Alan Klapmeier, CEO of Cirrus Design, gave reporters at Oshkosh a brief update on the future Cirrus Jet… “I have no pictures, no specifications, no price, and no dates to announce,” he said. Such details will be forthcoming at a later date. But he did confirm that a jet is in the company’s future. It would be “a logical step-up path for Cirrus owners,” he said. He aims for it to be the lowest, slowest, and shortest-range aircraft in the small-jet field. “It will be a personal jet,” he said, “not a VLJ.” The candid nature of Klapmeier’s comments may imply to some that the jet’s cost will also be correspondingly curtailed, but … see above. Of the details offered: it will have a single engine, and a parachute will definitely be part of the package, he said.