Three Killed In Midair Over Canada


Like a recent event near San Diego, the sky was bright and clear on Friday afternoon, when a Cessna 182 and a 172 collided above the Canadian countryside. All three men on board were killed. Instructor Ryan Sumere, 28, and Vinoo Abraham, 26, a private pilot, both of Mississauga, had taken off from Brampton Flying Club in the 172 and collided with 57-year-old David Morton, who launched from Burlington. Everette Ruggles was just sitting down for an afternoon coffee at his kitchen table when the accident happened. “It landed 60 to 70 feet away from my kitchen window . . . it really freaked me out,” he told the Canadian Press. His six-year-old son also saw an airplane spiraling down from the sky after the collision. “He’s a little shaken,” Ruggles said.