Times Writer On Board Midair Jet


Joe Sharkey, a weekly business travel columnist for The New York Times, was on the Legacy as part of his research for a freelance assignment. He told NBC’s Today Show that the plane was jolted and then recovered and flew normally. “It was more like a car that hits a pothole rather than ‘boom!'” he said. Then he looked out the window and saw that the winglet was shorn off. The plane also suffered some damage to its tail. It’s not clear where it struck the 737, which reportedly spiraled into the ground. When the wing started peeling back, Sharkey said he and the four other passengers (executives from Embraer and a charter company called ExcelAire) were afraid the aircraft would crash. His written account was made available through The New York Times. However, the pilots spotted a remote military airstrip and were able to land safely. No one aboard the Legacy was injured. It was hours later that Sharkey learned the bizjet had collided with the much-larger 737 and said he thought: “We should not be the ones walking away from this.”