TSA Director Nominated…


Kip Hawley Would Be Fourth In Three Years

President Bush appears to have picked a winner in his selection of Edmund “Kip” Hawley as the next leader of the Transportation Security Administration. Mind you, that’s what people were saying about the previous three, all of whom left the post within the previous three years. Nevertheless, Bush’s timely appointment of Hawley ensures there will be no leadership vacuum when the current boss, David Stone, vacates the office in June. There are some high hopes and a healthy dose of skepticism greeting the announcement. AOPA President Phil Boyer may be growing weary of (and getting very good at) pleading GA’s case before each successive TSA chief, but he’s planning for his next trip through what AOPA calls “the TSA revolving door.” Boyer said he hopes Hawley sticks around long enough to grasp GA’s place in the security picture and he’ll do his best to put him on track. “As we have with his predecessors, AOPA will reach out to this new chief of an agency that has an inordinate amount of influence on general aviation activities and educate him on the realities of GA.”