TSA Issues Security Alert


If you’re the owner of a U.S.-registered bizjet, the Transportation Security Administration announced Thursday you should be especially security-conscious, particularly if you’re headed overseas in it. The TSA’s memo says that on April 13, an Arab Web forum urged all Muslims to destroy American business aircraft: “Destroy private American aircraft … We call upon all Muslims to follow and identify private civilian American aircrafts in all airports of the world … It is the duty of Muslims to destroy all types of private American aircrafts that are of the types Gulf Stream and Lear Jet and all small jet aircraft usually used by distinguished (people) and businessmen.”The forum also gave pointers on how to identify American-registered aircraft. The call was apparently prompted by reports of the CIA’s alleged use of bizjets to transport terror suspects to countries where torture is part of the interrogation handbook. The forum also gave the N-number of a plane suspected of being used in this way.