…Vegas Flight-School Owner Welcomes Alien Training Rules…


Meanwhile, a Las Vegas flight school owner says concerns about the new rule are overblown and not worth the time and energy they’re absorbing. Jane Pinto, of First Flight Aviation, told AVweb she believes that anyone engaged in training future pilots who can’t meet the minimal identification and record-keeping requirements under the new law shouldn’t be in the business. “All it does is add a little paperwork to your life,” Pinto said. “Any legitimate flight school should be able to keep files on their students.” The latest incarnation of the rule requires the flight instructor to determine the citizenship of his or her students and to refer non-U.S. citizens to the TSA for background checks. Pinto dismisses concerns about the instructor’s liability in doing the initial check, noting that instructors already face huge liability issues just by showing up for work. She said all of her students, including the two “aliens” among the 35 registered, were ready with their paperwork on Oct. 20, the implementation day, and none complained about it. She said those leading the fight against the new rules should find something else to do. “In my mind, this is the wrong battle,” she said.