Best Of The Web: Beaching A Poseidon


The P-8 Poseidon sub hunter that became partly submerged off Oahu a few weeks ago was fished out of Kaneohe Bay this week with the help of inflatable bags and a big front-end loader. It’s back on its gear again and intact but there is some expensive-looking damage. This nice time lapse encapsulates the whole operation.


  1. Interesting to see that they are keeping the flotation bags in place, even shifting one of them, while the airframe is fully on dry land. I guess they are not trusting the gear yet.

  2. Please keep this thread open to document the procedures used to mitigate the effects of corrosion from salt water. Not that there are a lot of aircraft submerged in salt water and returned to flight status–but there certainly are a lot of aircraft based NEAR salt water that have corrosion issues–and the procedures used by Navy aircraft (and especially THiS one) could yield a lot of information.

  3. I have seen the results of a large commercial aircraft sitting in Salt Water and especially how fast Magnesium parts degrade. Many parts/systems end up needing replacement as a precaution for future problems.
    because this airframe was not totally submerged it may be cost effective to return it to service If that is the final decision of the bean counters.

    • I agree that studies are or can be a valuable thing needing done, if it’s not have been or currently being done. The biggest issue with this airframe is that even though it wasn’t fully submerged, will never fly again. The electrical and all electronics are destroyed beyond repair. Just an example of it costing more to repair then just writing it off would be our car insurance companies. Even if partially damaged from being in a flood will never repair them. No matter how much the car was in, they will just write them off verses repair. This sub hunter has much more sensitive equipment.

  4. I am curious about the accident report detailing exactly HOW this aircraft wound up in the ocean. Have been to K-Bay many times and am wondering what caused the crew to dunk the P-8.