Storm Ciaran hit Europe in November and Cargospotter found good vantage points at a couple of German airports.


  1. we need to stop closing reliever airports . we can handle a lot of GA activity if there are other airports around major population areas to handle the GA traffic. forcing all the jets to go to major airports will just increase the congestion.

  2. Is cross controlling not an option for large aircraft so that there is no alternative to touching down while going sideways.

    • 747-400 actually recommends landing into the wind above 20 kts xwind. 9* of bank will hit the outboard engine pod. I will say that most pilots including me kicked out rudder during the flair and landed straight. Left x wind. Above 20 kts I usually lined up 1/2 to the left of centerline and let the wind take me over before setting wheels down. 30kts was line up on left runway edge line. Always a fun challenge and always prepared to go around if things went wrong.

  3. For a long time now, cw landings have been the weakest leak shown by new professional pilots..and it goes back to early learning…and sitting in the classroom waiting on wind to die down. Now with training requirements being less, pilot skills become less.
    Add to this automation and AI, the results from the left seat are becoming bleak to say the least ..