Chem Trails Revealed! OK, Cloudseeding


When the tin foil hat crowd sees one of these airplanes, we’re sure they’re sure it’s proof that chem trails are a real thing. But hey, it’s just cloudseeding, which is a real thing, especially in the arid west where every little drop of rain counts. In this AVweb video, Paul Bertorelli interviews cloudseeding pilot Humberto Vivanco about how to squeeze rain out of clouds.

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  1. Paul, how successful is the seeding. Is there a way progress or success is measured. How many areas of the country do this. Very interesting interview.

    • I can answer that. Haven’t done the big-picture research. Wish I had more time to flesh out the story.

  2. A number of years ago I worked in Cloud Seeding with the University of Nevada Desert Research Institute.
    I was also a member of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty. My Research work was development and testing of Cloud Seeding Instrumentation. Most important was detecting the spread of Silver Iodide released in cloud. That was a product not visible and particularly so as in use it was released only in clouds. A sticky tape was puled past an opening where it picked up the Silver Iodide particles. We used a home made moving map working on a VOR Radial and DME from the Squaw Valley VOR. We released Silver iodide on a pass and then re-passed slightly down wind of that using the moving map. It worked well. This was in IFR with some icing in the Lake Tahoe Basin in winter below the rim flying a converted Douglas B-26 that had been Dr. Von Braun’s personal transport. We had a great pilot then.

    So the Tin Foil Hat people would have never had anything to see.

    As to that farce, there are movies of “Con-Trails” from research aircraft dated BEFORE WW1. Then take a look at Battle of Britain Movies and B-17 movies like on the way to Scheweinfort. Today the Reno atmosphere shows contrails at times. Not when the “Chem” is being released, but when we happen to get air moist enough to support water condensate from Airliner exhaust. Lately, even this cold, we have had none. Too dry!

    I’ve never turned to look, but doubt my Mooney leaves Con-Trails.

    Tin Foil Hats sell books and make money, but none from me!

  3. To characterize this plane and that guy’s plane as if it accounts for what millions have experienced as the chemtrail phenomenon is way off the journalist mark! By comparison to actual chemtrail activity, this is a complete non-event. Rain/moisture/precipitation is not what chemtrails have been about. What this pilot is up to is very localized and has nothing to do with the jet stream activities we commonly saw during the Obama Administration. This pilot’s activity is a flea fart in the wind, relatively speaking.

    Actual chemtrail activity has been putting up 1 million times per day what this bug smasher could do in a month.

    For shame, misleading your readers!