AVweb Podcast: Friday, July 21, 2006

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AVweb talks with EAA spokesman Dick Knapinski about AirVenture Oshkosh 2006. Aside from 10,000 airplanes and 700,000 people expected, AVweb is adding a Garmin 496 giveaway, plus iPod Nano and other GPS giveaways. The show grounds will be buzzing with Light Sport Aircraft (including Cessna’s proposed design) and more in the planning phases. Interesting people, interesting airplanes, and the big bomber reunion (representing the B-25, a B-24, B-17, and much more).

We’re back! During the transition to the new AVweb, we experienced some problems with our RSS feeds – including the one that serves up AVweb podcasts to iTunes, Podcast Alley, and other outside avenues of AVweb Audio. If you’ve been listening on iTunes, you’ll find the last three podcasts queued up and ready for your listening enjoyment. And if you haven’t, give it a try – it’s easy!


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