AVweb’s Monday Podcast: Unearthing the Maid of Harlech

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As you may have read in Thursday’s AVwebFlash, the sands of time have buried an intact P-38 for more than 60 years since it was abandoned on a Welsh beach. Now named the Maid of Harlech (for a town near the beach), the Second World War fighter will soon be recovered and restored to original condition, as was another P-38 well known to warbird and air show buffs as Glacier Girl. And in an interesting twist of fate, it turns out the Welsh aircraft and Glacier Girl probably left the factory within days of each other and were both part of Operation Bolero, the U.S. Army Air Force’s first major mission to help the war in Europe. AVweb‘s Mike Blakeney talked with TIGHAR’s Ric Gillespie about the Maid of Marlech‘s history and her future.


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