Zero Time to Cloud Time: Using Real-World Scenarios to Accelerate Instrument Training with IFR Refresher Magazine

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For those of us who earned our instrument ratings the old-fashioned way (by first obtaining a private pilot certificate and then spending another 40-plus hours under the hood preparing for the instrument check ride), the thought of obtaining both tickets in less than 80 hours might seem like nonsense. But that’s exactly what dozens of students from Middle Tennessee State University (PowerPoint presentation) have done over the last few years, thanks in part to the innovation and guidance of professor Paul A. Craig.

Craig is one of the nation’s leading advocates for scenario-based aviation training and has written various syllabi that he believes can, in the hands of properly trained and motivated flight instructors, produce safer pilots in fewer hours than traditional methods. IFR Refresher editor Meredith Saini recently chatted with Craig about his work and about his vision for the future of flight training.

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