Sun ‘n Fun 2022 opens up on Tuesday, April 5. In this pre-show opener, AVweb’s Paul Bertorelli takes a look at what’s going on during the show and scopes out the week’s news coverage.


  1. Paul,
    Great overview of the show as it was Monday.
    I’m up early this am redoing my forum slides on “How to Approach Pilot Training” which is at 1PM today.
    I wasn’t too excited about it yesterday as I was planning on using the same ole’ slides I had used in past years.
    Now I’m thinking it should be a lot better. May get 0-3 attendees or 20-30, but its fun to be able to try and help those that might want to become a Private, Instrument, Comm. or ATP!

    Again your overview was great.
    The only thing you missed that I saw was the Douglas A-26. It looks like the new owner made a herculean effort to get it here and yesterday was a great day to check it out before the crowds arrived.
    Hope to see ya around the campus.