Flight Trial: AeroVonics Innovative Electronic Gyros


A new startup called AeroVonics rolled out the most innovative panel-mount electronic displays we’ve seen in quite some time. In this AVweb video, Paul Bertorelli gives them in a wring out in the most ludicrously overequipped Cub in the universe.

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  1. I opened up AvWeb early this AM hoping to find something new and — boy — did I. The writeup was good but the video to compliment it was great. Good job with the dueling product introductions.

    I appreciate the video work you did here, PB. I had already decided on buying one of these products for my C172 but seeing ’em operating side by side IN flight was superb! I look forward to seeing how they’ll certify the AV-30 and when. If not, the AV-20 will do for what I need. You can tell Jeff that you sold a few.

    You didn’t mention it but the certified AV-20-S isn’t (yet) blessed by Father FAA to replace a clock under NORSEE but they say they’re working on that on their website. Also, if you send ’em a C-note deposit (refundable), they’ll put ya on their delivery list, too.

    I ran across Aerovonics at Airventure 2018 and was very impressed not only with the two products but also the CEO. GA needs more people like this to ‘challenge’ the big boys and keep prices low. Two AV-30’s will cost what just over what one G5 would AND … no trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, either.

    BTW: It took three watch’s of the video before I noticed that maybe the IAS function on that AV-30 is NOT wrong … it appeared that your Cub was going backwards; I saw an 18 wheeler passing you. Musta been a helluva headwind off the Gulf ?? Didn’t you notice that .. you sly dog. 🙂

    Finally, since you put a 12v battery electrical system in that Cub, you’re now gonna have to add ADS-B ‘out’ … no more non-electric waiver for you.

      • Well .. it took me three looks before I realized what you were up to. You’re missing your second avocation of video scripting and production !! I enjoyed it !! Reminded me of once trying to fly westbound in a T-34A from LAS to EDW and looking down on trucks passing me on I-15 against the prevailing W winds of the Mojave. You also added a new mneumonic to my lexicon … MEGO. EXACTLY why I don’t want any airplane filled w/ TV sets I don’t need for VFR flight. THESE things are a perfect happy medium. Jeff deserves to be successful. Attaboy, Jeff.

  2. Has anyone else (besides Stencil) noticed that the quality of PB’s AvWeb videos is up by 6dB or more? Superb.
    I’d plop a pair of AV-30s into my old Traumahawk in a heartbeat; take out the vacuum system; install a pad-mounted second alternator. Probably less than the cost of overhauling the three legacy gyros.
    Ain’t technology grand?

  3. After seeing the video, I recommended an AV-20-S to the retired airline pilot who taught me to pull back on the stick and make the houses get smaller >48 years ago. Next thing I know, he sends me a copy of an invoice ordering one for his RV-8A. Does Aerovonics have a “finder’s reward” for items sold by others ??? WAIT! Would I have to share it with PB or Avweb ?? 🙂

  4. I have not flown for years, for various reasons (son to college, ex-wife, busy, medical out of date, whatever). One of my issues (yes, I know, my issues) is that if I start flying again I’ll have to spend most of my time learning how to fly with these new fangled flat screens, as I learned, and flew on, and managed to survive many a stupid action on my part with “steam gauges.” However the AV-30 would give me the best of both worlds. It still looks like a steam gauge, but has some of the functionality of the flat screens. Useful info with out so much clutter. It would make my transition back to aviation oh so much easier. (I never leave comments on articles/videos, but this one really struck a nerve.)

  5. It is indeed a golden age of avionics, especially for us vintage aircraft owners. Last year I sprang for a GTN 650 and a pair of G5s, and now have the best-equipped 172B around. Combined with a new instrument rating, I’m having as much fun flying as I’ve ever had in 50 years. And they look enough like the old steam gauges to not confuse my wife, who’s working on her private licence.

    Of course, as Paul B. points out, the engine is still a bit of an issue:

    ATC: Expedite climb through 5000.
    Me: Roger, I’ll throw another hamster on the wheel.

    Mind you, if a strong headwind has you flying like Paul did in his video, you can get some pretty nice clearances – out of pity, if nothing else.

  6. Yars commented on the excellent quality of the video.
    I’d like to comment on the excellent quality of the audio–Paul comes through “Loud and Clear”–with virtually NO background noise.

    What headset are you using? OR–are you flight testing a “whole airplane noise reduction system” in the Cub?

  7. Paul, you mentioned that there is an AOA calibration procedure. I just installed an AV-30 in my RV-8 and can’t find anything about AOA calibration anywhere, where did you find it? I haven’t had a chance to fly with it, it may very well work out of the box like you say, but I would love to know what the procedure is.