Video of the Week: The Flying Lawnmower (And This Time It’s Not a Figure of Speech)


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There are two videos we receive (and stumble across) more often than any others on the web. Both videos are testaments to human ingenuity and technical achievement – and they never fail to raise a giggle when we see them. We’ve held them in reserve for a while, just in case we needed them to brighten a particularly rough Monday morning. (Plus, we were afraid that it we ran these videos, people would stop sending them to us. And that would ruin the pleasant surprise of watching these videos at 4:00 on a Thursday afternoon and laughing our heads off.)

But the time has come, at last, to unveil the first of our Two Most-Submitted Videos: the flying lawnmower!

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Originally posted by YouTube user KIor – but we never tire of seeing new videos of this contraption, so please don’t stop sending them.

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