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Dynon Skyview HDX Glass: An Update »

At Oshkosh 2017, Dynon promised its top-of-the-line glass panel suite, the Skyview HDX, would be STC'd for certified aircraft by the end of the year. It missed the goal, so we called to see what's going on. The news was positive. More

Shock Cooling: Time To Kill The Myth »

There's no evidence that big power reductions damage horizontally opposed aircraft engines by "shock-cooling" them. It's time to trash the myth so pilots can focus on real risks to their airplanes and engines. More

Healthy Pilot #4: Hampered By Hay Fever? »

Continuing our BasicMed checklist, we turn to seasonal allergies. Flying with a stuffed-up nose and runny eyes is bad enough. Your real worry is the drowsiness that might occur if you take any medications. More

An Airplane Bearing Gifts »

The holidays mean many things to many people. They often take on special meaning to pilots who can use their aerial magic carpets to reunite with those important to them. AVweb first published this short story in 2000. We’re repeating it this holiday season as our gift to you and yours. More

Flying Clubs: Keeping Them Viable »

Successful flying clubs fill needs: They make flying a little less expensive and do things to keep it fun. More

Need Hangar Tools? Snap-On Comes At A Premium »

The first step in wrenching your own aircraft is buying the right tools. You'll pay a hefty premium for the Snap-On brand, but they remain the shop gold standard. More

Icom's New Handheld Radio Technology »

Portable comm transceivers generally serve as a no-nonsense backup when the panel comm or electrical system quits. But Icom is betting big in market acceptance and price tolerance with its new A25N, which has the most advanced feature set of any portable aviation transceiver to date. More