10 Killed In Two Citation Jet Crashes


Fatal crashes of business jets are relatively rare, but two Citation crashes this month took 10 lives. Last week, a Citation I/SP owned by a Florida businessman crashed at Macon County Airport in western North Carolina. The airplane was reportedly on its second landing attempt when the airplane touched down nosewheel-first. A wingtip touched the ground and the airplane flipped and caught fire, according to The Associated Press. Everyone on board, two couples and an 11-year-old girl, died. On March 1, a Citation X that was registered in the U.S. to Cessna Finance Corp. and operated by Asia Today crashed in Germany, and all five on board were killed.

The X had taken off in Linz, Austria, and crashed in a wooded area while on approach to land at Frankfurt-Egelsbach Airport near Frankfurt, Germany, according to the NTSB. The investigation is under the jurisdiction of the German government, the safety board said.