2006 Top Selling Turbine: The PC-12?


Every type of general aviation airplane saw increased shipments in 2006, according to the General Aviation Manufacturers Association report, but the Pilatus PC-12 – now in its 14th year of production — held top honors, according to the Switzerland-based aircraft maker. The company says that this makes it four consecutive years that the PC-12 has won the top spot as the best-selling model of turbine-powered business aircraft. With 90 deliveries last year, the PC-12 turboprop single outsold the Citation XLS and CJ3 business jets, as well as the Grand Caravan turboprop single and midsize Citation Sovereign twinjet. The PC-12 is now seeing its highest production rate to date, even as the “Next Generation” PC-12 (slated for certification at the end of this year) gears up to be delivered. This latest version will offer a fully integrated Honeywell Primus Apex avionics package, a new BMW-designed cockpit and more Powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A engine.