406 ELT’s Mandated In Canada?


The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) is warning pilots they should be concerned that revisions to a regulation’s wording could mean mandatory installation of 406 ELTs in all Canadian aircraft — and transient aircraft, too. In a letter from Kevin Psutka, president and CEO, Canadian Owners and Pilots Association, Psutka states that “low-cost alternatives to ELTs have all but been ruled out for our sector of aviation.” Because the U.S. does not mandate 406 ELTs, “thousands of U.S. aircraft will be banned from Canada,” posing a particular problem for aircraft transiting to and from Alaska. COPA is advising its members that the next opportunity for comment will be when the draft regulation is publicly announced. While COPA seeks alternatives, it is also advising members in the market for an ELT to equip with a 406 ELT. “The battery must not be LiSO2 and, for a 406 ELT, it must be coded for Canada and registered with the National Search and Rescue Secretariat.”