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Night Disorientation »

Only days out of training a young pilot was seduced by the black hole syndrome that has claimed too many unwary flyers. More

What's Under the Hood? Fuel Pumps »

The fuel pumps in your airplane should last to engine TBO if the fuel system is kept clean. If one does fail, overhaul is usually less expensive than buying new. More

Filling in the Gaps »

Even if you’ve missed some key details in your flight planning, ATC can help keep you out of trouble. But, you should do your part, too. More

Spin Training? Yes »

Loss of control accidents involving inadvertent stalls and spins—incipient and full-blown—continue to cause too many accidents. Properly directed spin recognition and recovery training could help prevent the accidents. More

Why Smart Pilots Crash »

Stress and the demands of multitasking are predictable distractions. Knowing solutions in advance helps simplify decision making. More

Intercoolers: Turbo Enhancement »

Properly designed, intercoolers allow a turbocharged engine to develop more power at higher altitude and improve detonation margins and engine longevity. More