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The Contact Approach »

An often misunderstood outlier of IFR flight, the contact approach can be useful in certain, carefully selected situations. More

Near the Finish Line »

When your plane is almost completed, it’s time to shop for insurance. More

Spring Patterns »

Though pilots see a lot of weather maps, the playbook of what all these spring patterns mean and where they’re going is not often explained. So, we’ll explain it. More

Flight Training in Marginal VFR: Do It »

VFR-into-IMC accidents continue to rate high in aviation's hit parade and data shows that VFR-only pilots have poor weather analysis skills. Flight training needs to include and integrate weather evaluation with each lesson along with dedicated training in marginal VFR weather. More

Top Five Landing Tips »

Each landing is different, but they all demand managing energy to place the airplane over the runway so it has no choice but to land. More

Lab Rat in a Learjet »

Flying as a evaluation pilot assessing an upset recovery guidance system in the development process. More

Merely a Flesh Wound »

How bad does a flight situation have to get before we recognize that we need help? More