A 1928 Biplane Returns To The Sky


A 1928 Boeing Model 40C biplane, lovingly restored by Pemberton and Sons Aviation of Spokane, Wash., flew this Monday for the first time in 80 years. “The airplane is very controllable and pleasant with excellent ground handling, good elevator and rudder, and heavy but effective ailerons,” Addison Pemberton said in the Nordo News. “The visibility is very poor but not difficult. The overwhelming surprise is stability.” Pemberton flew the airplane for about 20 minutes, and said he was able to fly hands-free for much of the flight. “In all flight configurations I never used more than 1 1/2 degree of trim change, including slow flight at 55 mph,” he said. The airplane was originally used on mail routes, and Pemberton said it’s now the oldest flying Boeing aircraft. More than 60 volunteers helped on the project, logging over 18,000 hours of work.

Videos about the airplane and the first flight can be downloaded at the Pembertons’ Web site.