Adam Aircraft’s VLJ Making Progress


The first fully conforming A700 AdamJet, S/N 003, has been flying since April, and is performing as expected, Adam Aircraft said on Wednesday. “We are working on airspeed calibration and stability and control effectiveness with different configurations throughout the flight envelope,” said test pilot Jeff Peer. “The three-screen Avidyne display has been particularly impressive.” According to Adam Aircraft, the very light jet has completed ground vibration testing. Static testing for FAA requirements is currently 20 percent complete and will conclude this year. S/N 004 is under construction and will join the test program this summer, followed by two more jets for the flight-test fleet. FAA certification is scheduled for the fourth quarter, and the first customer delivery is expected in early 2008. The A700 will be added to Adam Aircraft’s Production Certificate already in place for the A500 piston twin, with which the A700 shares 65-percent parts commonality, at its facilities in Colorado and Utah, the company said.