Adam Earns A500 Full Type Certificate


One day before Eclipse earned its full type certificate, Adam Aircraft received an amended FAA type certificate for its all-composite A500 pressurized centerline-thrust piston twin. The six-seat Adam A500 was originally type certificated in May 2005, but that approval came with several limitations. Now, those limitations have been removed and the A500 becomes the first fully certified all-composite, pressurized twin-engine aircraft. The last new pressurized twin-engine piston airplane was manufactured in 1986, according to the company. The A500 is now certified to its full 5.5 psi pressurization, which provides a sea-level cabin to 12,500 feet. Additional certified upgrades include a fully coupled IFR autopilot, day/night VFR/IFR, single-pilot flight operation and an expanded CG range. Maximum operating altitude expansion to 25,000 feet will be obtained this winter along with known-icing certification. Final performance numbers include a 230-knot cruise speed and a more than 1,100-nm NBAA IFR range at 75% power.

“The A500 is the only pressurized twin-engine piston aircraft in production today,” said Rick Adam, founder and CEO of Adam Aircraft. “Our customers benefit from our elegant carbon-fiber construction and the safety of our twin in-line thrust engines. The A500 is an excellent step-up airplane for the thousands of owners of new-generation single-engine aircraft.” With the recently awarded FAA production certificate in hand, the A500 production line will strive to meet pent-up demand, the company said. A500 serial number 008 is currently undergoing its final flight checks for delivery this month, and serial numbers 009 through 024 are on the production line.