ADS-B Coming To Colorado Ski Airports


Deployment of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) and Wide Area Multilateration around Yampa Valley and Garfield County Airports in Colorado is expected to make it safer and more convenient for skiers flocking to the area’s ski resorts. Sensis Corp., which was awarded the contract to install the systems, says the implementation will also save millions of dollars worth of fuel used in holding patterns and the indirect routing that the topography of the area dictates with ground-based radar systems. According to the release, radar coverage drops at 17,000 feet in the mountains and that means aircraft have to maintain a 30-mile separation, resulting in the holds. With the new gear, Sensis says the aircraft will stay on the radar screens to the ground, permitting a five-mile separation. All 10 airports in the area will be covered by the new system.