ADS-B Comment Period Reopened


The FAA’s proposed performance requirements and mandates for ADS-B (the likely future of air navigation) equipment aboard aircraft first closed March 2, 2008, but has now been reopened for 30 days to allow the public to comment on certain recommendations. The Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) has made 36 recommendations and divided them into two main categories — those to be resolved before the rule is adopted and those that may be set aside for future action. Your comments are welcome before Nov. 3. The vast majority of comments regarding required equipment were critical that proposed rules would not replace requirements for transponders. AOPA has stated that the FAA underestimated the financial impact of requiring operators to retain both their transponders and add ADS-B equipment. The ARC now suggests that the FAA pursue an implementation strategy that ultimately removes the requirement for transponders from low-altitude domestic operators. View the complete ARC report here. And go here to learn how to add your comments.