Bombardier Reorganizes U.S. Sales Force »

Bombardier has reorganized its U.S. business jet sales force to reflect its business model in the rest of the world. Instead of representing one of the company's three business jet models -- Learjet, Challenger and Global -- salespeople will now look after all three lines. "The change in the U.S. sales force mirrors the current structure in our international sales team, whereby sales directors promote aircraft from all three product families," said Bob Horner, senior vice president, sales, Bombardier Business Aircraft. "By creating one point of customer contact, I am confident that the new structure will serve to streamline and enhance the buying experience for our U.S. customer base." More

VFR For IFR Pilots »

Sure, you can fly an ILS to minimums in a summer hurricane without breaking a sweat, but can you fly a VFR traffic pattern on a clear day? More

Post-Crash Care »

You've just crashed in a remote area. You and your passengers are injured. Will you have the equipment and knowledge to survive until you're rescued? More

Dr. Fredrick Tilton, Federal Air Surgeon »

With a new Federal Air Surgeon in office -- one who is also a pilot -- many are wondering if changes will come to the medical certification process. Bureaucracies move slowly, but AVweb's Dr. Brent Blue learned about some interesting plans when he interviewed Dr. Frederick Tilton. More

Every Breath You Take: Danger Lurks at High-Altitude »

Training and new technology are helping to reduce the danger of hypoxia. But understanding why your body reacts the way it does can ensure you catch the symptoms before you are incapacitated. More

FAA Streamlines "Special" Medicals »

The FAA recently expanded its special issuance program for pilots with medical problems; now the program includes First- and Second-Class medical certificates as well as Third-Class medicals. The change promises to streamline the FAA's approval process for pilots who require the higher certificates. Senior FAA Aviation Medical Examiner Brent Blue, M.D., explains all. More

Carbon Monoxide Detectors »

Very few pilots carry any sort of carbon-monoxide (CO) detector when they fly, except perhaps the el-cheapo chemical spot detectors that leave much to be desired. Mike Busch analyzes the CO-related accident history, discusses the medical aspects of CO poisoning, and evaluates the various kinds of CO detectors available for under $100. Note: Updated November 2003 to reflect changes in available products. More

Some Great, Cheap Electronics for Pilots »

Long GA flights require special planning and, sometimes, special equipment. During a recent transcontinental trip, Mike Busch had the opportunity to fly with some new electronic gadgets -- each priced well under $1,000 -- and found them too terrific not to share. More

Life Insurance - Medical Qualification »

Sure, you can get just about as much insurance as you're willing to pay for, but first there is that medical exam. Seth Legatowicz of the Pilot Insurance Center gives you the inside track on medical underwriting when applying for life insurance. More