Air Force One Replica Moves To D.C. Area


Quonset departure: Noah Forden

A vintage Boeing 747 that was repurposed to resemble Air Force One has left the Rhode Island airport where it had been for several years, and traveled on a barge up the Potomac River to National Harbor, Maryland, in the Washington, D.C., area. The airplane is a retired cargo plane and no longer flies. The exterior has been painted in Air Force One regalia, and the interior has been reconstructed to resemble the presidential airplane. The owner of the aircraft, the Air Force One Experience, offers public tours.

The airplane arrived at Quonset State Airport in Rhode Island several years ago, still bearing Evergreen livery. The exhibit opened to the public last year. In Maryland, it will remain dockside on the barge, where it will be open for tours starting Oct. 18. The 747 is expected to stay in Maryland until at least early next year. According to the project website, it will then move to New York City.

This video of the 747 passing under the Harry Nice Bridge on the Potomac River was shot by Brendan Moon.