Air Force Two Damages Cub


The Vice President’s C-32 transport, a modified Boeing 757 dubbed Air Force Two, was involved in an incident Wednesday at Gabreski Airport, N.Y., that had an unfortunate outcome for a parked and tethered Piper Cub. As the jet taxied, its jet wash lifted the Cub a few feet into the air. That (or the subsequent un-piloted landing) damaged the Cub’s left wing and the 757 took off with its occupants perhaps unaware. The damaged aircraft belongs to “an aerial media company,” according to the Associated Press. An investigation will be launched to determine the cost of the damage to the Piper and who will pay.

Air Force Two was carrying Biden and his wife, who were returning to Washington after two weeks spent with friends in New York’s Hamptons, a popular summer retreat on Long Island for wealthy New Yorkers. No humans were injured during the incident, which is the first of four recent Biden-movement related accidents to involve an aircraft. The rest (one in November 2009, one in February 2010 and another last week) were motorcade incidents.