Airbus ACJ319neo Completes Record Flight


Airbus has been flying the ACJ (Airbus Corporate Jets) 319neo for only a couple of days, but has already set an endurance record. Thanks to additional fuel tanks compared to the airline version of the A319, the ACJ-neo was able to make a 16-hour, 10-minute test flight.

As previously reported, the 319neo completed a short first flight last week. A combination of more economical engines (the aircraft can be fitted with either CFM Leap-1A or Pratt & Whitney PW1121G1 engines) and a lot more fuel capacity (from five additional center tanks) over the airline-spec A319 gives the aircraft up to 6800-NM range, something it’s capable of with eight well-heeled passengers aboard. The total tankage amounts to 37,400 liters, which still sounds like a lot when converted to 9880 U.S. gallons.

Airbus claims to have 200 jets in corporate service.