Airbus Lands With Parking Brake Set


British authorities say an airline’s procedures have changed, and Airbus is installing a warning system on its aircraft after the pilot of a A319 landed the aircraft with parking brake set. All four mains blew after the landing but the aircraft stayed on the runway and no one was hurt in the incident at Leeds Bradford Airport, according to the Air Accidents Investigation Branch report. The report says the aircraft commander was the non-flying pilot and was preoccupied with tower weather reports. When the flying pilot called for flaps, the captain mistakenly hit the brakes. The first officer called a second time for flaps after they didn’t come down the first time and the captain got the right control. The report says both pilots missed procedures and visual cues that would have alerted them to situation. After the aircraft skidded to a halt, the captain then asked the first officer to set the parking brake and he discovered it was on. There’s no word on discipline for either pilot.