Aircraft And Marriage, Perfect Together


When was the last time you heard that? For AVweb reader Jeff Goosetree, it seems to be the case. Goosetree currently flies 30- and 40-series Lear Jets out of northwest Arkansas, but maintains his earlier-won CFI. Currently, he is in the process of teaching his girlfriend, Maria, to fly, but on May 3 took a carefully planned deviation from the course book. Jeff arranged for Maria’s first cross-country flight to fly west into the sunset, headed for the couple’s favorite Italian restaurant. He even made sure to request some extra time with the crew car for the evening’s dinner. Then, while en route in a 172, with Maria flying, Jeff began talking about their life together with her 8-year-old daughter, Halle. It was about halfway through the flight when, with ring in hand, “I managed to get up on one knee in the seat and proposed.”

Aside from some unexpected near-aerobatics, the response was more than welcome. Even the tower (presumably tipped off by the FBO) congratulated them upon arrival. The linemen then got involved by taking the newly engaged couple’s first pictures. “I decided to combine the two loves of my life and propose to my girlfriend Maria while airborne,” Goosetree told us. And aside from adding a lot of joy to the flight, the only immediate impact on Jeff’s flying was that he had to fly the remaining leg home … because, he said, “she just wanted to look at her ring! Haa!!!”